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At A Store On Jupiter, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. And the clothes we dress ourselves in are just one way we tell the world that story. How we share a little piece of ourselves every day. Your clothes should never define you as any one thing, because you are so many beautiful, awesome things! 

From the very beginning, our dream has always been to sell really cool clothes. It's pretty simple. Clothes for the weirdoes and the aliens, the dreamers and the rebels. Clothes you can wear to the beach or to a rave. Clothes you feel good in and proud of. Clothes that showcase a little bit of that spark that exists within.

So in 2019 we started to experiment with different designs, with a mission to bring together a collection of clothing for people who want to stand out in the crowd.  Our products are custom printed, which means they are made for you when you order them. We sell a limited number of each design, so you can be sure you are rocking something unique.

Our founders are based in Vancouver, BC, and we work with suppliers in Canada, the United States, and China. We like to think of our brand as streetwear with a festival flare. Hoodies, leggings, crop tops, and T-Shirts with vibrant colours and unique designs sure to get you noticed. 

And what about Jupiter? Well, Jupiter is the planet of abundance. He is the big ole' granddaddy of the sky. He represents expansion and wealth, but not just wealth in a strictly financial sense. Wealth of spirit, wealth in our relationships and connections with other people. Wealth in our home environments, our jobs, our feelings of self confidence and security. Being truly wealthy in life, creating true abundance, is not about money. It is about bringing more love, confidence, peace, respect, compassion, curiosity, and happiness into our lives, and the lives of everyone we touch. Often times money can bring us these things, but it is not the money we seek, rather the freedom and experiences that money brings us. That is abundance. It is not just a concept, but can be truly experienced as a way of life.

It is this idea of abundance, combined with a never ending quest for knowledge, and immense gratitude and awe at the universe we exist within, which powers the creative vision for our store. And, of course, a healthy dose of wonder and awe staring up at the night sky!

There is great potential within each of us, and an unlimited source of abundance available for all sentient creatures in this world. We all have the power to tap into it, and we all have the power to sprinkle it everywhere we go, like painting rainbows in the sky with our own magic fairy dust.   

We hope you find something you like, and are inspired to bring more abundance into your own life. We have big visions for this little store, and we hope you have your own big visions too!